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New Master Bathroom Design

Our upstairs renovation is hands-down the largest home project we’ve ever tackled. And the master bathroom design is probably the most exciting part for me because it’s a complete gut!

If you read last week’s post, you got the nitty gritty details on everything the contractor will be doing.  But today, I’m taking you through the pretty stuff — all our design elements, the products we sourced, paint colors and more!

In our before shots, the bathroom looks just fine. Blue walls, wainscoting, and a vanity that maybe needed a little love. Certainly nothing garish or offensive. And truth be told, it was fine — especially for its main purpose serving weekend visitors.

But once we knew we’d be moving upstairs, we knew it just wasn’t going to cut it. For one, it just felt old and not “us.” With only one overhead fan/light combo, it always felt too dark to me, too. And maybe most importantly, the layout was not conducive to two adults sharing it every day.

The Inspiration

There are so many great bathrooms and inspiring Instagram accounts out there! It was easy to collect elements we knew we loved and come up with a design that’s all our own. Even our updated layout came from looking at some of these with a keen eye. It gave us faith that it would work and be totally worth the monetary and time investment!

Which one is your favorite? Hard to pick!

Master Bathroom Renovation Inspiration Master Bathroom Renovation InspirationMaster Bathroom Renovation inspirationMaster Bathroom Renovation Inspiration Master Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

via 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

The Design Board

You may’ve seen some in progress shots on Stories but here’s how we plan for it to all come together.

Master Bath Remodel Design Board - Bubbly Design Co.

shop the look: tile // sconces // vanity // shelving // art // shower fixtures // faucet // paint color // LED fan // canisters //

A note on gold fixtures. These are expensive to say the least. Certainly much more (2-3x) than what you would spend on a standard or builder grade option. I’m also sure we could’ve found variations to save here (like from this list).  But we decided that we would compromise elsewhere since we loved them so much. Plus these sets come from Kohler, which I feel is reliable brand and hopefully means they will last.

In design, one of the hardest things is deciding what to compromise on — unless your budget means you can have it all! My recommendation is to think about the key elements that will make or break your vision. And do your research! Sometimes you can find something you thought was one-of-a-kind for cheaper, freeing up budget to splurge elsewhere.

In transparency, there are two other changes we’re making to this original vision for our master bathroom. We will not have space for a full etagere like the one shown here. But I left it in because it perfectly captures the wood tones the space needs. And second, we swapped for skinnier sconces once we saw how the measurements were looking in the actual space.

And lastly, I have to mention that we’ve already received so many compliments on the floor we chose! I thought it might be a little bold, but everyone from our contractor to my parents have said how much they love it. And we’re thrilled with it so win-win!

Now What

Even though the renovation is not over, the bathroom is the most finished part of the project. We had to demo everything in the space and even moved and reframed the door. It was the most labor intensive so the contractor started there.

The new layout gave us an extra 12’’ on the vanity (24’’ to 36’’), and allowed us to tuck the toilet next to it. It also creates a nice open space from the door straight to the shower. A much more functional floor plan!

We swapped the old overhead light for a new LED option and added new wiring for sconce lighting. That is all going in next week and then we’ll hang the mirror and install knobs on the vanity. It’s so close to being finished and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

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