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No. 2 – Life Lately

Life Lately // No. 2 // March 2018 // Bubbly Design Co.


Happy snow day to all my east coast friends! Hope you are staying safe & warm today!

One of the promises I made to myself this year is that I would try to chronicle the in-between moments a little bit more on the blog. I often feel like I have to wait for some big news or really unique content to post. And while I want this blog to be useful for you, I also want to create an open dialogue and share more. So here we go with “random life update” no. 2 for the year!


I read three books last month — one smart, one YA guilty pleasure and one more serious literary novel. This felt like a good mix but I am always wishing for more time to read. There are just so many books on my list! I also recommend checking out Grace’s Book Club if you need any suggestions — I’ve loved almost everything I’ve picked off her list.

I’m also thinking about joining the Book of the Month Club. Do any of you do it? My biggest hesitation is that I don’t really like keeping stacks and stacks of books around and primarily use my Kindle…


We recently binged the first seasons of Mr. Robot (yes, we’re behind) and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which won a few awards this season. I was excited by the first few episodes in each case, but they both lost a little steam for me. I’m hopeful for season 2 in both cases, though!

Truth be told, I’m not a huge TV buff, but still watch How to Get Away With Murder and The Bachelor regularly (I know! #eyeroll especially after this season’s finale) as our guilty pleasures and fill in with Fixer Upper, This Is Us and other streaming favorites. The best thing for me this month was ‘Amanda Knox’, the documentary on Netflix.

What other shows should we be adding to our list?

Listening To

Last month I shared a story on Instagram that I heard on the Hidden Brain podcast. I highly recommend the “You 2.0” series they did. To find it, just scroll back through to last summer and each of the six episodes are labeled accordingly. Especially love the one on Deep Work, which has become my new mantra at work.

Do you guys have other podcasts you’re loving? I feel like I’m hungry for good ones this year! My go-to’s usually are How I Built This, Stuff You Missed in History Class, The Goal Digger, and The Lively Show.

Around the Web

  • I forgot to share the punch I made twice over the holidays. It was a big hit both times and could work anytime as long as you like cranberries. Also especially beneficial if you are trying to hide the fact that you’re not drinking (see my announcement).


  • This continues to be a favorite recipe to make at home on weeknights. Sheet pan recipes are my new favorite thing!



  • This article. And this quote: Truthfully, if you can’t find time to hang out with your friend, call your mom, use your vacation time, or to simply go see a movie, then the problem might not be your job or your boss — it could be you.


  • Laughs for days. Thank you, Adam Rippon for being beautiful, hilariously entertaining and an amazing skater to watch. PS, I love the Coldplay soundtrack from your long program! The Olympics may’ve been slightly exhausting but I’m mourning that it’s over for 2 years!

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