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Our Babymoon & How To Use Google Maps for Trip Planning

Babymoon Planning: Charleston, SCvia

It’s still a bit hard to believe I’m more than halfway through this pregnancy. And one of the moments I’ve been most excited about is our baby moon, which is finally here!

I always dreamt of taking an epic baby moon to somewhere exotic where I could lay on the beach and indulge in my favorite (virgin) pina coladas. But between Zika, budgeting for the renovation and scheduling time off from work, a big trip isn’t in the cards. Luckily, our back-up option isn’t even really a compromise…

Babymoon planning: Our Baby Moon in Charleston, SCBabymoon planning in Charleston, SC

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Charleston has been on my bucket list for a long time. How could it not? All those pink houses, yummy restaurants and an overwhelming amount of adorable Instagrams making me jealous throughout the cold northeast winter! And I’m thrilled to be staying at one of the most lust-worthy bed & breakfasts, 86 Cannon.

What’s great about being late to the Charleston game is that I have a long, running list of not-to-miss recommendations. Anytime I travel to a new place, I use the same method for keeping track of recommendations and making our plans. And it couldn’t be easier. I just make a shared Google Map and add anything and everything to that. It becomes a central repository during the planning phase but also makes it incredibly easy to navigate once we’re at our destination.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how I do it. Simply login to Google and find “Your Places” within Google Maps. From there, scroll until you find the “Create Map” item under the “Maps” toggle. Side note, this only works on desktop, which is bit of a shame since (c’mon Google!). But still, it’s a worthwhile detour.

How to use Google Maps to help you plan a trip

I’ve organized these maps in a few different ways. For example, when we went to Italy, I organized it by day or segment of the trip. So I had a list of all sorts of things (hotels, restaurants, sights to see) that we might want to fit into while in a single area. This made sense because we were visiting 3 distinctly different parts of Italy. However in the case of Charleston, the majority of things are centrally located and we don’t have specific day-by-day plans. So this time around, my Google Map is organized by buckets such as Restaurants, Shopping, Photo Spots, Happy Hours, and Coffee Shops. I think this will let us be a little more spontaneous and go with the flow.

It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything you definitely want to see or do — just add a bright yellow star or flag it in its own section. I also use the “Notes” section to keep track of any specific recommendations for each spot. Things like “go early, there will be a wait” or “get the fish sandwich” (at Leon’s).

How to use Google Maps to help you plan a trip


If you want to see our full Charleston map, click here. I’ll update it with our reviews & thoughts after the trip! In the mean time, here are a few of the places that are topping my must see and must eat list:

Husk — Friends gave us this recommendation at least 4 times! Even though I booked weeks out, I couldn’t get a dinner reservation so we’ll be going for brunch. Apparently it’s in an old Charleston house so the ambiance and setting may even top the food. We’ll see!

Hampden & Candy Shop Vintage — Both of these shopping destinations keep popping up from every blogger I follow that visits Charleston. With the baby bump to consider, I’m going to try to focus on gifts and less on things for me (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Either way, I’m leaving room in my suitcase since I expect to find some goodies!

Zero George — the sweetest Jillian lives in Charleston but spent her staycation at this super cute hotel. While we’re staying at another spot that I’m equally excited about, I think we will likely have to stop in here for a drink (virgin for me!) just to check it out. Can’t wait to live the Charleston porch life!

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits — maybe the only good part about being pregnant in Charleston is that I’ll have a (tiny) excuse to eat ALL the things. There are a lot of Southern foods to love but biscuits might top that list for me. I cannot wait to try these!

Now off to start our last big adventure before baby…

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