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Well, happy April friends! It was finally feeling like spring on the east coast and the snow was almost all melted. JUST in time for us to get hit with another storm this morning (insert eye roll emoji). Luckily I got to bust out one of my spring dresses yesterday for Easter with my favorite light layer.

Two weekends ago, we took a break from our construction zone, visiting with family in Maryland and just relaxing. We originally thought the renovation would be finished last week and we’d be getting back to regular life this past weekend. Alas, all the snow and a delay in our flooring has put things in a standstill. We are crossing fingers and toes for some progress this week.

What I Loved this March // Bubbly Design Co.


After announcing our big news, I’ve started following and deepening connections with some new mom blogs & brands. Plus, it’s been fun to discover some others who I maybe didn’t notice were moms or — even better — are on the journey with me. In particular, I was so excited to read Conni’s post called Thoughts on Becoming a Parent. It really resonated with me and while I won’t try to rephrase it, even if you’re not expecting, her “celestial trip” metaphor is worth a read!

With so many house & baby preparation projects, my free time is already feeling a little limited. I only read two and a half books this month! I also attribute this to the fact that I read them in parallel, jumping back and forth, which is so against my norm. The first, Salt Houses, was set in the Middle East between the 1960’s – 1990’s, dealing with issues of war, religion and family. A bit heavy and somewhat hard to follow with names and cities that are very unfamiliar. The second, I’ll actually be sharing a whole post about tomorrow (it’s that good!). And the half, I’m loving but taking my time to digest. It’s called How to Get Sh*t Done and is a bit “self-help” focused and encourages soul searching exercised along the way.


We started two new shows last month, plus one of our favorites is back!

What’s New: A slightly darker Gossip Girl set in a small town, Riverdale, quickly became my guilty pleasure. It’s based on Archie Comics and incorporates Josie & the Pussycats so I can justify it with nostalgia. We’re also super into the new Queer Eye. It’s such a feel good show that makes us laugh and cry while addressing some big issues. Maybe that’s a justification for watching bad reality TV. But just read this and I promise you’ll want to watch every episode tonight.

Literally anything with Giovanni Ribisi in it is a winner in my book (since I saw The Other Sister)So I’m thrilled that Sneaky Pete is back for a second season! Honestly, the first season was such a whirlwind that the first episode of season 2 left me reeling. You definitely need to watch season 1 first, but the two seem to be pretty separate. Quick synopsis: Marius is a con man that gets out of jail but assumes an alias of his former cell mate. Madness ensues between him being on the run from a gangster to whom he owes money AND him conning a new family.

Listening To

Have you heard of Aaptiv work-outs? I’m trying to stay as active as possible during my second trimester and get into a better habit of regular workouts. I heard from Liz that she used the app especially during her pregnancy. I haven’t been able to make a good habit out of it yet, but whenever I do it’s so convenient!

I just downloaded Grace’s new podcast. I’ve been bouncing around on a bunch of unfulfilling podcasts lately so I have high hopes for it.

Around the Web

Mary’s post about the proper way to cleanse your face has me wanting to start a new routine. Maybe this can be my new mantra when we move into our new upstairs bathroom.

I love how Julia styled 1 dress 3 ways — a perfect complement to my favorite spring dresses post.

Even though our renovation is almost over, there’s always a to-do list when you’re a homeowner. This quick & easy cheat sheet goes over the 8 things you don’t want to forget to do for the safety & security of your house this spring.

Never NOT looking for weeknight meal inspiration.

This list of most-loved newborn gifts is so useful! I never know what to send or do for new moms, but these are some great, non-traditional ideas (although I imagine a clean onesie or a meal is always going to be a hit).


PS — I have a full line-up of posts planned for April, so I hope you’ll check back often. I’ll be sharing Baby P’s nursery design, a peek inside our baby moon plans, great sources for inexpensive art and a new design project. If there’s something you’d like to see or hear from me, just drop it in the comments or shoot me a message on Instagram (@bubblydesignco)!

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    April 3, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Jess, thank you so so much for including me in your round up! I am so honored that the post resonated with you and I can’t wait to keep following along on your journey! xx, Conni

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    Michelle Taylor
    April 6, 2018 at 1:14 am

    Working on home renovations is hard when life keeps getting in the way! A book and a bottle of bubbly would be a welcome break for my husband and me! Thank you!

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