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Nursery Design for Baby P

I’ve been in a bit of a slump trying to write today’s post. I finished the nursery design for Baby P weeks ago and I’m really happy with how it came out. As with most e-designs I create, I’m still tweaking a few elements, but that doesn’t usually hold me back from sharing.

I think the hang up was created by the delays in our renovation process. We found out that our flooring order was either cancelled or lost (and it had to be reordered)! As a result, we’ve been stalled on any renovation progress — including the nursery — until this week. Nearly two full weeks of just waiting. I know this is probably par for the course for renovations but it put a kink in my enthusiasm and positivity towards nesting.

BUT! All that changed on Saturday when the flooring finally arrived and then was installed yesterday. I finally feel more positivity about the renovation, all of our design decisions thus far and our home overall.

And with that, it’s the perfect time to share all about Baby P’s nursery plans!

The Inspiration

I designed a nursery for my niece, Asher, a few years ago before we knew she was a girl. So I’m quite familiar with the idea of a gender neutral nursery and pulled plenty of inspiration back then. But as I looked back at my favorite images, I could tell that — boy or girl — my own nursery would be a little different than Asher’s.

My key takeaways from the inspiration I like most are (1) a fairly neutral space (2) with plenty of natural elements and (3) only subtle baby elements. I’m also leaning a bit more modern with this space with crisp whites, some geometric elements all toned down with jute, rattan and natural wood.

Inspiration for neutral baby boy nurseryInspiration for neutral baby boy nurseryInspiration for neutral baby boy nursery

via 1 // 2 // 3

The e-Design

Ready to see what I came up with?

I actually get a little giddy (and impatient) when I look back at this design board. I truly can’t wait to put the space together.

It’s calming, fairly neutral and not too baby-ish. I want it to feel like a natural extension of the rest of our home and so a lot of my aesthetic choices are grounded in that. The mixture of white, natural wood and a few pops of blue or green seem to be what I’m gravitating towards and this nursery is no different. Here’s how the look is coming together…

Baby Boy Neutral Nursery e-Design

The Crib Conundrum

I lusted over this one for weeks — maybe months! It’s in my very favorite inspiration photo (shown above) and is the perfect shade of washed gray wood. Perfect for a little boy’s nursery design, don’t you think?

I searched for hours and haven’t found anything remotely similar. But other than that, I honestly can’t fathom why it is double the price of almost every other option I looked at! Instead, we selected a beautiful white crib from Serena & Lily (which I wouldn’t expect to be less expensive)! We ordered both the crib and mattress for less than the price of the original crib and saved a little budget for other areas. Plus, I think it may actually work better in the space anyways. As I’ve seen the grayish tone of the new bamboo floors paired with the soft taupe of the walls, I think the white wood will pop a little more.

We pulled the trigger a little early on the crib, once we knew it’s what we wanted. And it’s been so hard to have box sitting in our kitchen (#renovationproblems) while we wait to finish the upstairs! T-man even said building the crib feels like a rite of passage as a dad and he can’t wait. How cute!

The Rocker / Glider

I guess this is proof-positive that I’m such a huge planner because I’ve had my eye on the Graham Glider for years, no kidding! Kind of like our velvet settee, I would sit on it anytime I saw it at West Elm and knew it would be a focal point of any future nursery I designed. The velvet is a soft, dove gray and the lines and shape make it super modern without feeling out of place in a nursery. I would absolutely put it in another room in my house, too! Plus it’s just so cozy!

As I’ve talked about before, I always look for the key pieces that will make a design come to life. That’s how I decide what’s worth splurging on. In this case, the design but also the functionality is guiding my splurge on this versus a pretty crib. Gotta have some lust items and some budget friendly ones in every space!

The Accessories & Accents

We aren’t planning a specific theme for the nursery. Instead I’m looking to curate a mixture of pieces I love (that I’d be proud to display elsewhere in the house), a few items to add personality, as well as smart, functional choices that will serve us far beyond baby months (years?).

You might recognize the shelf (which I discovered from another mama-to-be blogger I admire) from our bathroom design. Since it’s not going to fit into that space and it really is the perfect natural wood, we’re thinking of using it in the nursery. I hope to fill it with some sweet accents like these animals (1/2/3), a stylish lamp and lots of books from our registry.

We’ll round things out with a side table for late night feedings in the rocker, a small dresser topped with a Keekaroo and simple art overhead. As I said, I’m sure various elements will be tweaked as we pull it together.

I don’t know when the baby’s nursery will be finished but I’ll share behind the scenes over on Instagram (#babypnursery).

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Basket // Curtains – old, similar // Art // Bookshelf // Wood Animals //

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