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15 Amazing Pieces from the Target Opalhouse Collection

Favorites from Target Opalhouse home goods collectionvia

Somehow I missed the news a few weeks ago that Target was going to launch another new home collection called Opalhouse. It just went live yesterday morning and was such a pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning. Maybe unsurprisingly, I got to browsing immediately and narrowed down to my top 15 favorite pieces from the collection!

Brand new home goods collection from Target called Opalhouse

Between Hearth & Hand and Project 62, Target’s home section has been on a roll lately! The newest collection is described as being full of authentically-inspired, eclectic pieces and definitely has a boho chic & international vibe. It’s a little outside of my typical comfort zone, but I still found plenty of pieces to love.

My Picks from Target's Opalhouse Collection

The Opalhouse collection is bursting with bright colors and patterns. But in keeping with my typical aesthetic, I’m drawn mostly to the textural, neutral elements. Let’s start big to small with my favorite pieces, shall we?


In the furniture realm, my first pick is the white Oslari desk. It reminds me of this ever-popular mid century desk from West Elm — but with some unique details. The styling of the gold hardware, for one. And the bamboo treatment on the legs also give it a nice edge.

I also think this cane chair looks significantly more expensive than it’s $200 price point would suggest! It seems cane and rattan are having a moment right now. And while it may be trendy, I really think the shape and coloring of this chair make it a classic.

Baskets, Trays & Accessories

The Opalhouse collection also offers a plethora of home decor items like baskets and trays, most under a $30 price point. We registered for a similar (but much more expensive) basket for Baby P’s nursery, but this rattan one also caught my eye.

I’m constantly hunting for new trays because they can serve so many purposes around the house. I hardly ever see black trays and love this one (but it also comes in natural, if that’s more your style). And the white carvings in this wood version ($25!!) would suit the decor style of our home really well. A similar style circular box or a textural planter would both be great shelfie styling pieces to have on hand. Target even styled the planter as a towel holder — a great reminder to think outside the box in order to create a really unique home.

Gifts For the Hostess

I also picked out several items that would make great gifts. From the cutest tea towels ever (and omg, this one!) to a really fun apron under $20. Pair either of those with a candle or even a pizza board (because who buys one for themselves). You could easily pop it all into a basket to create a simple, budget-friendly hostess gift.

If you like to host outdoor gatherings, then definitely take a moment to browse the acrylic items and the entire Patio & Garden section of the Opalhouse collection. This drink dispenser and the coordinating goblets will likely be making an appearance at some of our summer parties this year. I picked the clear versions, but in keeping with the style of the collection, there are a handful of additional color options if that’s more your thing.

Another great piece for hosting parties? Any one of the steel beverage tubs — I’m torn between the white and gold! They’re great to have on hand for your deck, patio or even for special occasions.

And I might’ve just saved the best for last. This picnic basket… you guys! Am I being a total sucker? T-man says nobody actually uses them, but I can think of so many times I’d want to pull this out.

Shop the Opalhouse Collection

You can shop my top 15 picks from the Opalhouse collection using the widget below. And let’s be honest, I threw in a few extra not shown above because there are just so many cute things!

Enjoy your shopping and let me know what you order — or what you’ve got your eye on!

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