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30 Weeks with Baby P

Baby P Update: 30 Weeks Pregnant

It’s official. Time is flying and I am well into my third trimester at 30 weeks pregnant. I still can’t believe it when I hear myself say I’m at 7 months! Since it’s been over a month since my last update and our gender reveal, I thought I would check in on all things baby and pregnancy.

We’ve been busy bees getting ready for Baby P’s arrival and generally fitting in lots of activities and some travel while we still can.

Second Trimester To-Do’s:

  • Dentist appointment — I read somewhere that second trimester is a great time to have your teeth cleaned because you won’t be too uncomfortable on your back for the cleaning and because of all the hormones and changes in your body. I’d been meaning to find a new dentist near our house anyways. Check!
  • Baby moon trip — I shared a bit of our adventures in Charleston on Instagram and have a full travel diary post coming soon. What I can simply say is that it was a great warm weather option for a spring baby moon! And traveling around 24-28 weeks seems like an ideal time as I was definitely showing but still not so big.
  • Build the crib — A total dad’s right of passage! T-man couldn’t wait to do this once the contractor finished renovations. The nursery isn’t quite ready yet but at least we have a bed for the little man!
  • Tdap vaccine — Both T-man and I had to get the shot to protect against whooping cough. Random to share, but it made my shoulder a little sore and tender for 2 days, so good to plan ahead for this one.
  • Started prenatal / birthing classes — We chose a four-part series that was recommended by our doctor. I guess most people would take it through their hospital and they offered lots of options but this one worked with our schedule and is run by a retired L&D nurse.

Health & Wellness:

It’s starting to get real and the countdown clock is ticking loudly for me now. A few weeks ago it all felt like too much and I had a pretty stressed, emotional couple of days. The contractor may be gone, but I felt like we were still SO far away from being ready for the baby. Some days this is overwhelming, other days I try to roll with the punches and just tackle 1-2 small to-do’s. That seems to help versus looking at a big, long list.

Physically speaking, there’s no hiding this bump anymore. I definitely feel big although everyone keeps telling me I’m pretty small! I’m up about 15 pounds overall.

The main discomforts I’ve had over the past few weeks are extreme bouts of heartburn and some manageable back / hip pain. The former is hard to predict and doesn’t appear to be tied to food I eat. I was avoiding taking any medicine for it, but spoke with my doctors and have since accepted the fact that an approved over-the-counter medicine is part of my routine now.

On the back pain, I think some of this was caused by flying to Charleston and Denver back-to-back weeks. I feel best when I’m able to walk several miles a day, so am trying to stay active even on the weekends. However, I still get a pretty sharp pain in my left hip when I wake up in the middle of the night to walk to the bathroom. Sciatica maybe?

Miscellaneous Highlights:

  • T-man and I both got to feel the baby’s first hiccups just before bedtime during our baby moon in Charleston. I didn’t know if I would recognize them as such but it was so steady and repetitive, I knew immediately. This little guy is most active between 8-11pm once I’ve finally settled for the day so we’ve gotten into a good rhythm of talking to him together after dinner.
  • I’m still loving my weekly prenatal yoga classes and only wish I could go more often. They really help me relax, disconnect and center myself. Plus, I always feel so much better physically because I’ve stretched out the right muscles. For anyone local, I go to Be Well in Morristown.
  • Last weekend, one of my friend’s hosted her bachelorette party as a spa weekend in the Poconos. It was the perfect excuse to try a prenatal massage. I’m glad I did as the masseuse told me, “your back really needed that.” That being said, it’s not as enjoyable as a regular massage because you have to lie on your sides, which for me will never come close to lying on your back or stomach.
  • We’re reading “the sleep encyclopedia” a few friends swear by. I don’t want to inundate ourselves with too much information, but this one has taught us a lot AND made me a little nervous about how strict our schedule might end up in order to have a good sleeper.
  • We interviewed and hired a doula, which I’m excited about! Everyone I’ve spoken to who’s had one said it was a great decision. I’m happy to share more about this if you’re interested!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Did you pick a name yet?

We’re pretty sure we’ve settled on our top choice but we’re keeping it a secret. The name is one I’ve liked for a long time, but it hasn’t 100% stuck yet. That might mean it’ll change as we get closer, who knows. It’s such a big decision!

Q: How are you feeling?

I think I’ve been pretty blessed with an easy pregnancy thus far. It’s hard not to feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, though. But, it’s not been without its challenges either. Staying active — which for me just means moving/walking every day and fitting in yoga where I can — seems to play a big role. Of course my back does ache, I get winded and don’t move as fast, but overall I’m feeling good.

Q: What’s been the most frustrating part?

Honestly, this may seem silly, but every time I put on something that I think will fit and it doesn’t. And the fact that when you buy new clothes, you can’t be sure that they will fit in another week. I’ve stayed away from buying too many maternity clothes (see this post for my tips & tricks) but this makes it slightly more challenging.

Q: Are you ready for the baby?

NO! Not at all… We are finishing up the nursery and getting the house back in shape, which is my #1 priority. I realize it may be a moot point and that it’ll be messy and overrun with baby things before we know it, but I am aching to get to an equilibrium before that ensues. 

Planning for the Third Trimester:

My list continues to grow and evolve, but these are some of the key tasks I have on my list for the coming weeks:

  • Finish the nursery — it’s coming together and I can’t wait to share some photos of it soon!
  • Research childcare options — I’ve been avoiding this for fear of the costs and lack of knowledge about where to start. I would welcome any and all advice!
  • Fit in a few more date nights — this is a recurring piece of advice from all my new mom friends. We have 2-3 small road trips planned, which include some time with friends but we’re planning a day off for just the two of us, too.
  • Order the car seat & get it installed properly — I actually didn’t want to wait for someone to buy this off our registry so it’s arriving next week. I prefer to get it all set-up and ready to go just in case.
  • Pack our hospital bag — on the same note, I know we aren’t quite there yet, but am hoping to have all of our ducks in a row by 34 weeks so it’s not that far out!

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