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My List of Essential Postpartum Items

Alternate titles for this post:

“What to Order from Amazon Before You Have Your Baby”

“What You Need, but Won’t Get At Your Baby Shower”

Seriously, though. As I said in this post, I placed a massive Amazon order while still in recovery at the hospital. I blame this partially on the fact that Hayden arrived 9 days early. But as the saying goes, babies just require a lot of stuff.

This is not to say we didn’t receive tons of amazing and useful gifts at our shower — we did! But there are some personal items you might not consider or register for. Looking back at the past 7 weeks or so, these are my postpartum essentials. The most used non-baby items I’ve purchased since becoming a mom.

Postpartum Essentials -- what to stock up on before the baby arrives


Nursing bras for both sleeping and daytime. It’s a little sad to say, if you’re breastfeeding, you won’t be going braless for awhile. C’mon ladies, we all love the feeling of taking off our bra at the end of the day, am I right?

Instead, the key for nursing is to be as comfortable as possible. At night, I switch between a nursing tank and the softest sleeping bra ever. The latter is not specifically for nursing but works like a charm. I own two of them! These have also become my go-to nursing pads for overnight use. I have an assortment for daytime, but am liking this set quite a bit lately.

During the day, I’ve realized that it’s important for me to get dressed to feel a little more normal. These nursing bras help make that possible.  I was hesitant to order them ahead of time since I knew my body would be changing, but the brand has a great return/exchange policy. I wish I had them in hand earlier on, actually.

Also, make sure you have comfortable and high waisted undies like these or these. Just trust me on this.

Speaking of getting dressed. I’ve been living in loose t-shirts, nursing tanks and plenty of button down shirts. During pregnancy, I wore mostly flowy dresses, but quickly found that they aren’t the most nursing friendly. Instead I’m getting a lot of mileage out of my trusty chambray and similar button-front tops like henleys.

When you’re spending your entire day caring for a baby, it’s also easy to lose track of your own needs. A friend sent me a stash of Lara Bars with a reminder to snack and feed myself! Also, dehydration can be a concern while nursing. Having a water bottle with a handle and a straw makes it easy to tote around the house. While any bottle would work, I also love that I only have to fill this one twice a day to get the recommended daily amount of water.

We also grabbed a few extra food storage containers so that we could fill our freezer and stash a few extra meals and leftovers. Easy dinners are key, especially now that T is back at work.

I was grateful we stocked up on everyday household items ahead of time since most days it still feels like a huge feat to get myself and Hayden out of the house. Consider things like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent (we’re using this and love the scent), face cleansing wipes, and anything else you use everyday.

I’m also giving Shipt a try, which offers same day delivery from Target when Amazon Prime just isn’t fast enough. Full transparency, I wasn’t happy with my first order as it was delayed 3 times. However, if you use my referral link, the annual members is $49 and gets you free deliveries over $35.

Lastly, I mentioned a “bathroom station” in my New Mom post. I created one impromptu when I returned from the hospital. In it, I had these, these, another form of witch hazel like this spray, some of these (just in case, although I used very few of them), the topical gel from the hospital, my nursing pads, and plenty of Motrin and this (both meds the hospital prescribed).

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