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Our Guest Room x Playroom Design

Earlier this year, we tackled a renovation of our second floor, which I’ve shared glimpses of here. The biggest driver of the renovation was to relocate our master bedroom from the first to second floor. But in doing so, we left our downstairs bedroom a bit abandoned.

Since having the baby, we’ve mostly used this space to host overnight visitors. But, the room opens up directly off our main living area with a double-wide pocket door. So when it’s not in use as a guest bedroom, we really want the space to be useful — and pretty! Something like one of these spaces…

Multi functional guest room and playroom inspiration Multi functional guest room and playroom inspiration Multi functional guest room and playroom inspirationMulti functional guest room and playroom inspiration

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If we’re able to execute it the way I envision, it will be super chic, but also also highly functional — acting as an extra family room / den / playroom, as well as an office space, and a guest bedroom. That’s a lot, but I think we can make it work with a few key pieces.

As I do with most projects, I created a design board for this multi-functional Guest Room space. I’m really digging how it turned out and can’t wait to create it in real life! What do you think

Multi Functional Guest Room and Playroom eDesign

Creating a Multi-Functional Space

First and foremost, the wide opening and pocket doors allow this room to be an extension of our main living room, which is a little small and narrow. We’d love to have another place to veg out and especially some extra floor space to play with Hayden. Eventually, he may need a more dedicated space with extra toy storage and things like that, but for now I’m hoping a soft rug and kid-friendly furniture will suffice.

On one side of the room, there’s also space for us to relocate our desk / office area. T works from home on Fridays and is currently sitting at a desk in a our living room. This works well, but it would be nice to have a door to close when he needs to take a call.

And lastly, the space still needs to be available for overnight guests, when we have them. This amounts to maybe 3 nights out of a month, but we still want it to be comfortable for them.

The Great Debate: Air Mattress or Pull-Out Sofa

Let me say right off the bat that I’m not usually a fan of pull-out sofas. Originally, I planned for a chaise sofa in this room since the main function is really a playroom / den / hangout space. We thought we’d just roll out a higher end air mattress when guests visit. But as we looked at the measurements, it seemed too cramped trying to squeeze a queen size mattress around a small sectional sofa.

Given the choice between a pull-out bed with breathing room and squeezing between a couch and air mattress, I think the former is better for guests. Granted, we haven’t made it out to Ikea to test out this little sofa and the bed portion. But the design is so classic and pretty that I am hoping the bed will work out!

Shop The Look:

The entire room could be created in a weekend for less than $3,000. Okay, realistically it might take us a whole weekend to go to Ikea and build the sofa around nap times. But I think all the other elements would come together really quickly.

Our biggest debate at this point is whether we keep the extra Queen bed & boxspring in storage or not. Then we can get to work creating a beautiful, multi-functional space that breathes a little life into our house!

Sleeper Sofa: $999

Rug: $190

Console: $350 – $1950

** Note, the image is of a Serena & Lily option that’s linked, but I am hoping this Target version comes back in stock. The plan would be to paint it to achieve the same look for much less.

Poufs x 2: $400

Desk: $150

Lamp: $80

Let’s Play Art: $100

Side Table: $155

Desk Chair: $400

Pillows: TBD

Basket: $18-25

Total: $2,850

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