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Four Months with Hayden

Four Months with Hayden Thomas

Hayden’s 4 Month Schedule

Hayden’s “schedule” at 4 months looks a lot like his 3 month schedule with two notable exceptions. We’re still following the Eat – Awake – Sleep cycle as much as possible, but his awake window is starting to stretch to 90+ minutes versus 75 minutes last month. Second, we moved him to exclusively sleeping in his crib in his nursery a few weeks ago. That goes for both naps and overnight sleep.

On the nap front, it’s been a mixed bag. We saw some progress on nap consolidation with 40-50 minute naps and even the occasional one over an hour. But last week, it felt like we experienced a bit of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Overnights were tougher with a few middle of the night wake-ups and naps becoming just plain painful. Not only were they like clockwork at 30 minutes again, but Hayden was also fighting them and needing a lot more soothing to go down. Exhaustion creeps in so quickly and I was starting to lose my mind.

It’s also worth mentioning is that we occasionally try to extend a nap. We will try to soothe him back to sleep when he wakes from a short nap. This only has about a 10% success rate and can be wildly frustrating. In the cases where it doesn’t work but I really feel like he needs more sleep, I sometimes let him nap on me in the rocker in his room. We’re trying to back off of this habit as much as possible heading into this next month, though. Most of my mom friends tell me that the nap consolidation just… happens. OR, daycare will figure it out.

Life Events


His first laugh was of course for T, who is nicknamed Uncle Funnyface by his nieces and nephew. They started slow and he still makes us work for them but its so rewarding. I recently saw Liz say on Instagram that as a mom your child’s joy is your joy, which resonates so much when I heard his little giggle.


Hayden was pretty bad at tummy time until about 2 weeks ago. When I say bad, I mean he mostly just laid on his tummy and hardly ever lifted himself up. We persisted, though, and he is finally pushing his little head up and staying up on his forearms for a few seconds at a time. I was so impressed with that alone until I saw him lean back and then roll over! It still seems a bit accidental when it happens, but he’s repeated it enough times to make me think he’s getting the hang of it.


I’m not usually big into Halloween, but we couldn’t let the holiday pass by without dressing Hayden up. I took him to a mom’s group Halloween party where his costume (mostly the props) was a big hit!


Last month, I mentioned that Hayden was putting everything (mostly fabric things) into his mouth. That’s only increased this month and turned into chewing and drooling all over himself, his hands, and any and all toys. Now we see some swelling in gums and expect a tooth to pop through, maybe this month!


We also found out this past month that Hayden has an allergy to cow’s milk protein and likely soy, as well. We’ve joked that he’s a shrimp, but he fell behind on his weight, which is concerning. We’ve introduced one bottle of formula per day to help. I’ve also removed all dairy and soy from my diet in the hopes that he can still get a majority of his calories from nursing. We’re only 2 weeks into this journey so I’ll plan to share more as we go.


Hayden’s Like & Dislikes

He really like when I whistle at him. Which is awesome because I’m about the worst whistler imaginable.

Music continues to be the thing that Hayden likes the most. And by far this song (which I used to listen to on vinyl as a kid) is his favorite. Now when I drive, I often put my phone in his carseat playing music for him and it’s helped us quite a bit. Usually from 6-6:30pm when I’m waiting for T to get home from work, I’ll pick a genre and dance around with Hayden to keep him occupied and less fussy. Hopefully he will appreciate his musical education one day!

As the teething has started, he’s begun to like Sophie the Giraffe (I know all the moms out there know what I’m talking about).

We give him as few opportunities for screen time as possible. But when I’m desperate, he can be mesmerized by Winnie the Pooh (this one, in particular, which I originally found by Googling “Winnie the Pooh YouTube”. I’m a genius, I know). I’ve tried others and none work quite as well

Things I Want to Remember

He started petting me while I hold or nurse him. He used to have such jerky movements and it was such a sweet, gentle difference when his hand movements smoothed out. Of course, now he grabs and pulls almost everything in reach — including my hair and any clothes or sleeves he can reach.

Hayden just started tracking the puppies as they move around him in the house. Prior to this, I’m not sure he even knew they existed!

In addition to raising his eyebrows, we also joke that he has a Zoolander face where he purses his lips and goes very serious. He’s done this since he was born but it’s tough to capture on camera!

This month he’s really started reaching for and grabbing everything he can. He even tried to pull a wineglass that T was holding to his mouth.

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