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Ten & Eleven Months with Hayden

11 Months with Hayden Thomas

Wow, Hayden is eleven months old! I almost started this post with “oh my, how time flies” but the reality is that more than six months have gone by since I updated you about Hayden. And it FEELS like it.

I continue to believe that “the days are long and yet the years are short.” But I really don’t want to turn into that person that encourages other moms to embrace every second because it goes so fast. No, it goes like any other part of life and it’s NOT always possible to enjoy it. But I’ve found that a little reflection, gratitude and presence in the daily grind helps it feel less manic.

Hayden’s Schedule at 10-11 Months

When I went back to work full time in January, Hayden started daycare at Bright Horizons. We considered a nanny or nanny-share situation, but have been happy so far with the routine, schedule, and socialization offered by daycare (not so much the sicknesses… but the immunity will pay off eventually, right?).

Three days per week, Tommy and I both commute into the city. On those days, we drop Hayden off at daycare around 7:30am and one of us picks him up by 6pm. It’s a long day for all of us, but it seems to be working. The other week days, one of us works from home and his day at daycare is shortened to 8:30am – 5:30pm.

On the weekends, it feels like we’ve finally established a fairly good rhythm, which usually means things will change again very soon! But here’s what his eleven month schedule looks like at a high level:

6 – 7am: Wake up

7 – 7:30am: Hayden has a 5-6oz. bottle followed by breakfast, usually when we eat, too.

7:30 – 9am: Playtime (on weekdays, we drive to daycare & head to work)

9 – 9:30am: Wind down for nap, usually with another 4oz. bottle

9:30 – 11:30am: Naptime

On a good day, Hayden been taking a 2-hour nap in the morning. What a difference from a few months ago. It’s glorious, I have to admit.

11:30 – 2pm: Hayden has another 5-6oz. bottle followed by playtime, errands, a walk, etc. We try to use this time productively on the weekends and get him out of the house. We usually fit in another small meal, as well.

2 – 3pm: Wind down for nap, possibly with another small bottle depending on his mood

3 – 5pm: Naptime

This nap window is a little more hit or miss. It’s usually been 1-2 hours. We can adjust the schedule based on whether we’ve been out, are traveling in the car or just think he needs to go down a little earlier.

5 – 6pm: Playtime

6 – 6:30pm: Hayden eats dinner (often our leftovers from the night before) and we usually wait until later to cook and have an adult meal

6:30 – 7pm: Bath, bottle and bedtime routine

We’ve stuck VERY consistently to this bedtime and our pre-bed routine since Hayden was around 2 months old and let me just say, it works. Hayden knows what to expect because we set the mood, quiet things down, read books, cuddle, and follow the same steps. He is so good at bedtime.

7 – 7:30pm: Lights out and bedtime

**If you’d like to see how this eleven month schedule differs from the early months, check out our four month post, three month post, and one month post.

Life Events

So many things have happened from 4 to 10 months, it’s hard to even think of them all (which is why I meant to do a monthly update). Whoops. But here are some of the highlights as of eleven months.


Hayden was struggling to sit up unassisted for quite awhile. We persisted, bought a few toys that encouraged sitting and started doing really well around 9-10 months! Just about a week ago, he finally figured out the dismount and is now back-and-forth from laying to sitting without an issue.

Around 10 months, he wasn’t quite crawling and instead was doing what Tommy calls “the fish out of water crawl” where his head stays down but he scoots his knees up under him to propel himself forward, flopping side to side to progress. He was all too happy to spend time on his tummy because he could pivot, turn and roll like a champ! Like most parents, we celebrated when he started crawling, and then realized we were ridiculously ill-prepared in the baby-proofing department.

If you have any tips on how to prepare yourself and your house for toddlerhood, please share! This next stage is fun, but intimidating to me.


We first fed Hayden real food (ok something other than breastmilk) on January 1st. We started with oatmeal mixed with breast milk, which he took to instantly. I’ve heard that cereals may not be the best first food but our pediatrician recommended it as it’s a natural transition from milk flavors and it worked well for little H.

We followed the model of introducing one new food every few days, mostly in purée form for several weeks. When I felt stuck after that, we took this class, which was recommended by my insta-friend, Carly. I feel lucky that Hayden has been a great eater thus far. He certainly has days where he’s not as into things, but generally likes and tries whatever we give him.

His current favorites include turkey, avocado, and scrambled eggs.


I decided to wean Hayden a few months after I went back to work. My supply was decreasing and my freezer stash was running out, so I was supplementing with formula about 30-50% of the time. I was also still doing the dairy & soy-free diet, which was harder at work then when I was staying home. And to be honest, the deciding factor is that my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I can’t pinpoint why, but it just felt like the right time for us. I didn’t cover our breastfeeding journey much in my previous post. It had its ups and downs and I’m so grateful we pushed to do it for 8 months.

At this point, Hayden has around 25-30 ounces of Similac Alimentum formula each day and 2 or 3 “meals,” which I try to ensure have at least two foods in them.

Hayden’s Likes & Dislikes

Okay, I have to start with a dislike because it’s kind of silly. I bought this moving Roomba-like toy in an effort to help encourage crawling. Hayden loves bumble bees and I thought it was going to go over so well and he’d be crawling in no time! Think again! He absolutely hates it and gets so upset the minute it moves around. Hoping he’ll grow out of it but if not, it’s only about $20 down the drain (I’m sure it won’t be the first time). I had to share in case any other moms find it disheartening that your kid doesn’t like a toy that others seem to love.

Over the past few months, Hayden likes anything that rattles, looking in the mirror, funny noises made by his dad or Grampy, watching our dogs play and (usually) reading books. He was great at entertaining himself for 10-15 minutes at a time in his stand up gym but as soon as the explosion of movement happened, he prefers to be free to roam.

He likes when we sing him ABC’s every morning and does not like when we put him down on his changing table.

Things I Want To Remember

The way he tucks his ankles together whenever he’s sitting.

His first “words” sounded like apple and abba. I actually started playing “Dancing Queen” and joking that ABBA was his favorite band.

The giggles. He just loves to make people laugh. He will make funny faces, laugh himself and do any number of things to encourage giggling.

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